80% of Pizzas Will Be Sold Online by 2016 – Pizza Retailer

A leading pizza company expects 80% of its New Zealand sales to be processed online within the next three years and has announced a new digital platform to facilitate expected sales growth.

Domino’s Pizza has seen an increase in the number of consumers using mobile devices and web ordering for pizza.

The General Manger for Domino’s Pizza New Zealand, Josh Kilimnik, says the company’s continued refinement of its ordering system has contributed to the growth of online purchasing.

“We now offer custom-built order applications across multiple ordering platforms, enabling customers to order online comfortably and confidently from anywhere at any time. At the same time we’ve sliced seconds off the ordering process,” says Kilimnik.

“We provide customers with a common ordering experience across desktop and mobile – through device detection, customers will automatically be taken to the optimised mobile site if accessing online ordering via a mobile device. The new site is now device agnostic, so the ordering experience will be tailored to each customers’ online device.”

Kilimnik says Domino’s Pizza’s website changes will help drive its digital growth over the coming years.

“Our determination to be the market leader for digital innovation has already seen us achieve over 50% of sales online and, over the next three years, we want to grow this to 80%,” he says.

Kilimnik says the development of the website is part of the company’s ongoing strategic plan to increase its online presence.

“The launch of the new site is an essential step forward for our brand presence on the digital platform, and the biggest change to online ordering since it was launched in 2006,” he says.

“We want to make sure we’re always evolving our brand to cater to customers’ increasing use of technology, while making their online ordering experience more intuitive and user-friendly.”

The technology team at Domino’s Pizza worked with software company Thoughtworks for six months to complete development on the ordering site.

The transformation has shortened the time taken to place an online order, while also removing the need for customers to install the Flash application.

Additional features of the new website include changes to the address entry functions, more ways to get offers, menu layout, half n half pizza design, apply voucher layout, swap buttons, basket layout, a redesigned Live Pizza Tracker page and the conversion to an ‘Entice’ look and feel.

For more information or to order Domino’s through the new online order site visit http://www.dominospizza.co.nz on your online device.

Domino's Pizza Josh Kilimnik

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