Domino’s Announces Biggest Core Product Change in Brand’s History

A new era has dawned for Kiwi pizza lovers, with Domino’s Pizza announcing the overhaul of their highest selling core product – the Classic Crust.

The new Domino’s Classic Crust offers consumers better taste and better texture, with a pizza crust that’s crispier on the outside but still soft, light and fluffy on the inside.

Domino’s New Zealand General Manager, Josh Kilimnik, says the change, the biggest core product change in its history, was about redefining what people expected from a pizza and improving taste.

“Without a doubt this is the biggest product change in Domino’s history. Nothing is sacred in our business – there are always improvements to be made and our Classic Crust was no different, we knew we could make it better,” says Kilimnik.

“Many people will think we are crazy for making a significant change to our most loved crust, but we are confident pizza lovers will be amazed by the new product. We have worked for more than 18 months to perfect this product, test it with consumers and make sure we had the tastiest crust ever – the result is a tastier, crispier and fluffier European style pizza base.

Constantly reinventing and pushing the boundaries in pizza innovation is a huge deal for us – it’s what keeps our customer interested,” says Kilimnik.

According to Kilmnik, during research and testing of the new Classic Crust recipe, customer appeal and intent to purchase more than doubled.

“During the consumer tasting phase of our development we achieved some of the best figures ever for a new product. The new Classic Crust was a clear winner and we can’t wait to see what our customers think of it,” says Kilimnik.

The new Classic Crust, still made fresh in-store, is made with baker’s flour and semolina which gives the product a crispy outside with a fluffier inside, while a new crimping technique gives the crust its unique ‘European style’ edge.

Domino’s New Crispier Classic Crust is available from June 11th, 2012. For more information, visit

New Domino's Classic Crust

New Domino's Classic Crust

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